by Alyssa Mendez

Two weeks was all it was supposed to take
Two weeks until everything got better
Two weeks of staying at home
Two weeks until everything become normal again
What should’ve taken two weeks ended up being unknown

Two weeks of focusing on school
Two weeks of high hopes now gone
Two weeks of slowly losing track
Two weeks of holding back tears
Now two more weeks have passed

Three weeks of attempting high grades
Three weeks of staying in the same two rooms
Three weeks of pretending I’m fine
Three weeks to finally realize how much I took the outside for granted
I see my grandparents once a week but can’t stay long

Four weeks of debating should I sign in today
Four weeks of loneliness seeping in
Four weeks of creativity coursing through my veins
Four weeks of sitting on the bed wondering what do I do
I spend hours on my phone to escape what’s happening

It’s not fair my family and I have to Facetime just to sing ‘Happy Birthday’
It’s not fair testing isn’t free
It’s not fair the hospital and media aren’t releasing everything
It’s not fair supermarkets are sold out of the necessary things
It’s not fair I’m doing my part while so many others aren’t

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